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Our strength is the production of bicycles for OEM and ODM bicycle manufacturers. This includes our heart, the bicycle assembly - fully digitized and product flexible. Whether batch size one, small or large batches - we guarantee the highest level of quality, from concept through to delivery. A number of other services covering supply chain management, painting, assembly and logistics round off this spectrum in full. In this way, we can respond more flexibly to your needs and market requirements, giving you a significant competitive lead.

Supply Chan


We are well-prepared in the supply chain and offer a range of solutions. Whether we procure the components according to your specifications or take over the entire sourcing process including the selection of the components up to the logistical handling - we are always at your side with our entire know-how. This includes the realization of the individual topics as well as support and advice for the optimization of your supply chain. The entire planning, scheduling, procurement and deadline tracking is done end-to-end with the help of our ERP system. This allows us to provide end-to-end transparency along the entire supply chain. We are coordinating and organizing your entire supply chain - according to your needs and requirements.



The painting line operates with water-based paints. We also provide decaling according to customer requirements for bicycle frames and components. This creates completely new opportunities for your supply chain - individual product requests from your customers can be realized flexibly and quickly, while at the same time optimizing an economical value chain. Until the installation of the robotic painting line, repairs or transport damages are carried out by our Smart Repair Station.


Delivered frames, components or merchandise items are subjected to an immediate incoming goods inspection and a quality check prior to storage. This allows us to identify damaged or missing parts at the earliest possible stage. In this way, we ensure real-time monitoring of inventory data. In addition, all internal material processes are documented electronically - from incoming goods to shipment of the bicycles. This provides the foundation for efficient and customized assembly control including end-to-end parts traceability - from the manufacturer to the end user. Our bonded warehouse offers you further added value in terms of cost savings.



We rely on a product-flexible and fully digitalized manufacturing system. No matter if you require batch size one, small or large series, urban, city, trekking, mountain, road or even custom bikes - we produce according to your needs and can respond to them just as quickly and flexibly. Our production is divided into different sections - pre-assembly, final assembly and wheel assembly. Our yearly production capacity is around 30,000 bicycles and is easily scalable due to its modular design.


During pre-assembly, the bicycle frames and a large proportion of the components are prepared into assemblies for final assembly. These sections are separated from final assembly, but digitally connected. Tightening processes are electronically monitored and documented - this is how we ensure to meet customer-specific requirements. Each step in the process is secured with quality gates so that only trouble-free products reach final assembly. This increases efficiency and at the same time reduces the potential for errors in final assembly.

Assembly 1


Final assembly takes place in individual assembly stations. At each workstation, one bike is finally assembled from the components of the pre-assembly. To ensure high production quality, the individual assembly steps and quality-relevant specifications are visualized. Again, all tightening processes are monitored and documented electronically. Thanks to the flexible sequencing of individual assembly orders, we can respond quickly to individual customer needs. With this production approach, we do not only strengthen personal responsibility - in addition, this has a positive effect on the quality, productivity and motivation of our employees.


We also offer you the complete range of wheel assembly. Whether the pure assembly of a system wheel or the entire assembly from individual parts. We adapt to your needs with our lacing machine, a fully automatic truing machine and a tire mounting machine. To ensure high quality production, the wheel assembly process is partially automated.


Logistics Service

Our logistics does not only ensure the correct and on-time delivery of the goods. It also includes warehousing, customer-specific packaging and the performance of a 100 % outgoing good´s inspection. We take over the complete range of logistics, including export and customs. No matter if the shipment is drop shipped to the end consumer, to your warehouse or to one of your dealers. Our service is completed with the return management of returned goods of your customers.


Quality is the key to success and is part of our DNA! We follow a zero-defect principle in the complete assembly process. Only error-free components are passed on to the next assembly step - ensured by quality gates. In addition, we take appropriate precautions according to the "Poka Yoke" and "Jidoka" principles to prevent failures from occurring in the first place. In this way, we guarantee efficient and high-quality manufacturing. A functional final inspection of each individual bicycle includes the inspection of all mechanical and electronic components. The end quality control, which is documented according to customer requirements, guarantees a 100 % flawless end product.

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