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WSF in the media

Brutkasten  |  10/24/2022

WSF: Upper Austrian startup brings bicycle production back to Austria

WSF Bicycle Technology takes care of the sourcing, procurement and import of the bicycle components into the EU and then takes on the assembly and painting of the bicycles as well as shipping them to the end user, dealer or manufacturer.

new business  |  02/2023

Now more than ever!

The start-up WSF Bicycle Technology is busy working on the future of the bicycle industry in the DACH region. Paths are taken that other companies consider impassable ...

... However, it is not the bicycle that is to be revolutionized, but rather its production.

Kronen Zeitung  |  12/25/2022

In Regau, the wish for “made in Europe” is fulfilled

In former printsrei is now bicycle production at home. Contract manufacturer WSF provides bikes here fordifferent brands. More than 40 withworkers are already employed here. prodis decorated five days a week.

ExportToday  |  02/2023

Bicycle manufacturing new - WSF brings processes back to Austria

WSF brings processes back to Austria.
WSF takes care of the sourcing, procurement and import of the components into the EU and then takes on the assembly and painting of the bicycles as well as shipping them to the end user, dealer or manufacturer.

SAZ Bike  |  03/02/2023

Assembly service provider from Austria wants to simplify bicycle productionn

The seller wSF Bicycle Technology wants to turn bicycle contract manufacturing in Europe upside down: Everything from a single source, quality up, costs down.

Bike Europe |  03/09/2023

WSF brings automotive know-how to its Austrian OEM assembly

As a young player specializing in e-bike and bicycle contract manufacturing WSF Bicycle Technology GmbH represents the rapid development of bicycle production in Europe. WSF claims it is assembling for numerous bicycle suppliers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at their facility in Regau, Austria.

Vision Mobility  |  03/10/2023

Bicycle production in Mitteleurope:
WSF builds bikes to automotive standards

Nothing is impossible: the Austrian contract manufacturer wants to prove that bicycles can also be built in this country. And relies on manufacturing processes according to automotive standards.

The company, founded in 2020, dares a hybrid-concept and also takes care of storage and logistics.

RadMarkt  |  03/22/2023

Young Austria contract manufacturer advertises: close to the market and from a single source

With WSF Bicycle Technology GmbH, a company based in Regau in Upper Austria, which specializes in market-oriented contract manufacturing of (e-)bicycles in Europe, has spoken out. However, what the Austrians offer goes far beyond OEM assembly.

Gewinn  |  04/27/2023

Bicycle production made in Austria

Alexander Schnöll and Roland Wallmannsberger have an ambitious goal: “We want to revolutionize how bicycles are produced, i.e. how they are developed, procured, assembled, packaged and shipped.” At the end of 2020, the two friends founded their WSF Bicycle Technology contract manufacturing company based in Regau (Upper Austria), which primarily counts well-known bicycle brands and a few manufacturers who have only recently been present among its customers.

Velobiz  |  08/18/2023

Perfection out of necessity

"Nearshoring" is one of the magic words and promises for the future and one of the lessons learned from the Corona crisis in bicycle production. At the height of the pandemic, the Austrian assembly company WSF set itself the goal not only of bringing production closer to the markets, but also of professionalizing it substantially at the same time.

SAZ Bike  |  08/24/2023

Manufacturing provider WSF plans to quadruple production in Austria

WSF Bicycle Technology, a service provider in the German-speaking bicycle industry, wants to quadruple its production. To do so, the Austrians relied on a crowdinvesting campaign..

RadMarkt  |  08/29/2023

WSF wants to expand its young bicycle production via crowd investing

In order to continue to grow as quickly as possible and, according to the company, achieve the “high AIn order to cope with the “order situation”, the bicycle and e-bike contract manufacturing company WSF Bicycle Technology GmbH, which was only founded in December 2020, started a crowd investing campaign on August 24th. With a funding target of 400,000 euros, the provider from Regau in Upper Austria wants to increase the production hall's output from 25,000 bicycles and e-bikes per year to 100,000 per year by 2026.

Velobiz  |  August 24, 2023

WSF starts financing round -
With the crowd in the Z

The assembly company WSF located in Regau, Austria, wants to grow strongly in the next few years. The capital required for this will come in through a crowd investing campaign that started today. 

OÖNews  |  09/02/2023

Bicycle specialist WSF wants to quadruple production in Austria

The Regau assembly service provider manufactures for manufacturers from Europe and overseas - the goal is to produce 100,000 bikes and scooters annually.

Mountain bikes, folding bikes, e-bikes, racing bikes and, most recently, e-scooters: 25,000 two-wheelers (and everything that is comparable in size and functionality) are assembled every year at WSF in Regau.

FACTORY  |  09/04/2023

WSF: Bicycle MAssembly based on the example of the automotive industry 

WSF Bicycle Technology, based in Upper Austria, manufactures bicycles for various manufacturing companies. Worth mentioningThis is because bicycle assembly is difficult to automate and remains dependent on workers, who are known to have become expensive and rare. In order to remain efficient and flexible in assembly, the contract manufacturer relies on a mix of line production and island assembly. And he takes his cue from his big sister; the automotive industry. 

Bike Europe  |  09/04/2023

Austrian OEM bike assembler looks to quadruple production via crowdinvesting

In order to continue growing as quickly as possible and to meet current demand, Austrian OEM bicycle and e-bike assembler WSF Bicycle Technology GmbH has launched a crowdinvesting campaign. With a funding goal of €400,000, the company aims to increase the output of its factory from 25,000 bicycles and e-bikes per year to 100,000 units per year by 2026.

The campaign launched on August 24th is running via the crowdinvesting platform Conda. As previously reported, WSF founders Alexander Schnöll and Roland Wallmannsberger have specialized on close-to-market high-quality (e)-bike OEM assembly.

Trending Topics  |  09/05/2023

Podcast: WSF - How the bike startup meets the “Bu“llwhip effect”.

The e-bike scene, which experienced a huge boom during the pandemic, is now partly affected by the so-called “bullwhip effect”. For example, the Austrian hopeful Gleam was recently unable to be rescued from bankruptcy.

But there are also other young local companies that can still score points with e-bikes. One of them is WSF from Upper Austria. The company, founded in 2020, produces e-bikes and bicycles for manufacturers and brands from across the DACH region. Guests on the podcast are Alexander Schnöll and Roland Wallmannsberger, the two founders of the startup.

District Review VB  |  09/13/2023

WSF wants to quadruple bicycle production by 2026

The Regau-based bicycle manufacturer WSF Bicycle Technology currently produces around 25,000 (e-)bikes per year. With the help of a crowd investing campaign, the company wants to quadruple the number to 100,000 in just three years. 

The prerequisites for achieving this goal are an expansion of the infrastructure at the Regau location, but above all an increase in the number of employees and the filling of key positions in purchasing and assembly. To pay for this, the company relies on mass investments. The WSF founders Alexander Schnöll and Roland Wallmannsberger hope to raise 400,000 euros via the “Conda” funding platform.

Kronen Zeitung  |  09/26/2023

WSF in Regau - Bicycle manufacturer is now also accelerating with e-scooters

Alexander Schnöll and Roland Wallmannsberger founded the contract manufacturer WSF at the end of 2020. The founders are now expanding their production of bicycles and e-bikes based in Upper Austria. They are collecting money for new projects, which will also take them into the world of e-scooters, through a crowd investing campaign that is currently underway.

“We are not revolutionizing the bicycle, but rather the way it is manufactured. The bicycle industry is stuck in the Stone Age. We bring them into the present."

DER STANDARD  |  09/29/2023

Cogs in the wheel - Why two people from Salzburg are setting up a bicycle manufacturing business in Austria

You don't have to reinvent the wheel if you want to be involved in the bike business. Austria is also a suitable location for high-priced bikes.

The bicycle manufacturers are identifying a trend: bikes from the middle to upper price segment are increasingly being manufactured in the DACH region. E-bikes are particularly in demand at the moment. They want to produce up to 100,000 bicycles in Regau.

That's why WSF wants to expand. They want to raise money for this through a crowd investing campaign.

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