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Our values are based on the premise that they are beneficial to our customer. So we can guarantee the best products and the best service for you. In our daily thinking and acting we want to convince you always again: You as a customer, are our focus!


We want to revolutionize the bicycle industry by offering an innovative range of services. By combining the best of the worlds of the automotive and other high-tech industries, we set new standards. We establish state-of-the-art solutions from sourcing to assembling to delivery of the bicycle. This makes our customers into trendsetters in the high-quality sector.


We are producing high quality bicycles from batch size one up to high volume production. In doing so, we offer the highest possible flexibility. As a reliable partner, we put individual customer wishes into action and also respond to market needs. Customers benefit from a shorter time-to-market. Also because we are represented in Taiwan in addition to Europe and have access to the Asian sourcing and supply market.

We offer you the decisive added value!

You as a customer are the focus of our actions - exceeding your expectations is our daily goal! We keep agreed goals transparent and measurable. Reacting quickly and flexibly to your wishes and requirements are our strengths - even for the most demanding tasks. We score with the fulfillment of agreements and deadlines.

We offer you the highest quality!

Our focus is on meeting your requirements. Quality as a salient feature is our claim. We see the pursuit of perfection as a success factor and distinguishing feature. Our quality management system is focused on your satisfaction. It creates continuous improvement in product, process and service quality. This gives you reliability and strengthens your competitiveness.

We are your reliable partner!

Partnership of equals. A relationship based on honesty, trust and appreciation. Paired with professional competence, transparency and innovation. This is the only way to ensure successful collaboration - as a true partnership that we want to enter into with you in the long term. You benefit from having us as a strong and reliable partner to face current and future challenges of the market.

We take our responsibility seriously!

As a service company, acting responsibly is not just a trait. In fact - we see it as a necessary competence that we demand and promote. An essential component in our Corporate Culture. In everything we do, we ask ourselves what impact our actions have. Every single employee feels personally responsible for achieving the best possible results. These virtues commit us to responsible and sustainable business operations. That's how we handle the responsibility you have given us - you can rely on us.

We like to be measured in competition!

We don't just see competition as totally natural. On the contrary – it is our drive. True to our principle - be the best and remain the best. But we are not only fixated on setting benchmarks. Your perspective as a customer is always included. We always see challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation. So you get the best of both worlds - new potentials and customized innovative solutions.

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